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Givenchy Antigona Bags

Is that this new style elegant and noble replica Givenchy Antigona Bags Wrinkled Leather Nightingale Bag identical to the older version Givenchy Antigona Bags Nightingale Bag?


This latest hot sale top quality version of Givenchy Antigona Bags Wrinkled Leather Nightingale Bag consists of glossy distressed lambskin also it does not have a zipper on its removable lengthy strap.browse the authentic eco-friendly Givenchy Antigona Bags Wrinkled Leather Nightingale Bag and also the trendy mother Heidi Klum.Now we take a look at individuals replica of Givenchy Antigona Bags Wrinkled Leather Nightingale Bag:a sensational replica - I believe the leather texture of the bag is simply stunning. Basically encounter this bag around the traditional I would believe it is a geniune bag.But you will find a couple of wrong reasons for this bag: the zip pull around the lengthy strap unveils case an incorrect copy. Then your authentic Givenchy Antigona Bags Wrinkled Leather Nightingale Bag has got the shiny light golden hardware although this bag has got the matt-finished nickle tone hardware. The final factor may be the leather is simply too glossy.Here's another replica. This bag has got the correct color hardware and proper lengthy strap. However the leather of the bag is less tasty!


Certainly one of my buddies purchased a cheap high qualtiy 1:1 Givenchy Antigona Bags nightingale bag from US ONLINE.It is $300. It doesn’t have a genius to understand it's a fake. But my pal is really quite happy about its quality - very soft leather may be the point.Another friend made the purchase from Harrods, that amounted to her near £800, that is $1600.The $300 you have the creamy cloth lining and also the $1600 you have the black cloth lining. Does creamy lining means fake?NO! The sunshine golden hardware nightingale has got the black cloth lining as the gunmetal hardware nightingale has got the creamy lining.


Take a look at Nicole Richie’s bag here. She didn’t zip the bag. The black cloth lining was revealed. And her bag has light golden hardware.Now have a look at Ashley’s bag. this is a close-up of her bag.You'll have a look in the lining right under her arm. It's creamy! And her bag is gunmetal nightingale!Here's Reeze Witherspoon together with her medium size gunmetal nightingale with creamy lining - are you able to begin to see the llining in the photo? I question why nobody bother zipping the bag. There's one easy answer: there's you don't need to get it done.I in comparison two bags before me: fake and real.The actual bag is a lot light!The actual bag consists of very thin distressed leather-I believe that's lambskin. The bag is extremely light and also the leather is buttery soft!


The fake golden hardware bag can also be made from thin soft leather, however the leather isn't distressed. From the grainy-pattern you are able to tell it's cowhide, but it's thin soft cowhide.The fake gunmetal hardware bag consists of THICK soft leather. This leather is a lot thicker compared to leather from the fake golden hardware bag. It's strange, is it not? My sources explained these bags were created in various industrial facilities, which made their leather diffferent.I'm able to say these replica bags are 98% mirror image bags in the photos since you cannot have the leather or lift the bag. That 2% difference would go to the grainy-look leather. Knowing leather, you can observe it’s grainy leather which is cowhide.