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Today is 14th May 2010, nothing special No! You need to know that Dior flagship store holds a great opening party and launch nowhere because the theme of worldwide exclusive collector series in Shanghai. May you'll still recall the Lady best high quality 1:1 Dior Bag of sunshine was set to celebrate the grand opening for DIOR flagship store on Shanghai Plaza on April 25th.Yes, it's!


On April 25th, Dior lit Shanghai referred to as "Paris from the East" with imaginative manner art Emmanuel. Tomorrow, Lady cheap replica designer Dior bags outlet of sunshine was displayed in the primary entrance from the HangLung Plaza, it's Chinese artists Li Songsong's giant work. Its shining light and imposing shape amazed the planet. "Lady Dior bag of sunshineInch demonstrates the communication of France and China, contemporary art and fashion.Li Songsong re-construed the woman Dior with the structure, lines, and cutting means. He divided the classic rattan Check Cannage pattern into three layers, developing the skeleton of the giant plant. Then with installing neon lights above, it's shining very being the middle of attention.


Today, Dior will even set brand exhibition hall at Hang Lung Plaza exhibiting splendid senior custom dress flown in from France and also the inspiration development of art of Zhang Huan, Zhang Dali, Liu Jianhua, along with other famous Chinese artists to Dior. The exhibition can last two days, allows visitors found understand that the company assortment of Chinese culture and traditions. That'll be an excellent moment, OK, Let's wait and find out!