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Celine Phantom Bags

Khloe Kardashian was lately spotted shuffling off to a health club by having an overstuffed black high-grade and noble Celine Phantom bags. Celine is among Khloe’s favorite brands, and she or he is the owner of several impressive Celine bags, including both a buttery yellow Celine Phantom Luggage Tote along with a brown suede one, in addition to a python front-flap Celine Trapeze Bag. The Baggage Totes are available in a constantly-growing number of color and finished combinations, however the default Luggage Tote for many stars appears to become a solid black bag like Khloe’s, or perhaps a solid deep blue or beige bag.


I do not do too much when I only say that literally every superstar who had been ever anybody now is the owner of a hot sale cheap 1:1 Celine Phantom bags at this time, such as the entire large amount of the Kardashian-Jenners. Even Kylie Jenner is the owner of 2 or 3. The proof, as the saying goes, is incorporated in the pudding: take a look at our “Celebs as well as their Luggage Totes: A Retrospective”, and “Celebs as well as their Luggage Totes: A Retrospective, Part Two”.


Area of the Celine Summer time 2014 Advertising Campaign features this unique high levels Celine Red-colored Suede Phantom bag with black handles. Even though the collection includes many pieces with primary color contrasts, the bold red-colored and black is a little simpler to deal with around the eyes. Not sure yet around the Summer time 2014 prices but except to pay for a minimum of $3,100 USD on the current season phantom from Spring. For that full campaign read this publish.